Our Services drive profitability: our Bronze service is 100% risk based – we only get paid from the savings we achieve for you


In our Bronze Service we focus on quick wins and immediate bottom line impact.

We perform a Spend Analysis and work through with your internal team to understand what’s in and out of scope.

We use a variety of tools and strategies to find true market value and optimise your spend. Quality is carefully balanced against cost in line with your strategy; all supplier decisions remain yours.


In our Silver Service, either following on from the Bronze service, or from the outset if your company has more complex procurement levers to be addressed.

We will give you a structured plan tailored to your business to manage and structure your spend.

We will tackle the identified and agreed cost reduction targets requiring a more complex approach such as TVM, VSM and reviewing market strategies. We can also offer effective Contract Management in place and a plan for renewals and negotiations.


In our Gold Service, we can deliver a tailored learning and development plan for your business with in role training.

We can assess your suppliers in terms of risk and impact to your business and ensure the appropriate Supplier Relationship Management Models in place.

We can plan for contract renewals and give you detailed access to market knowledge and insight. We can fully outsource your procurement requirements on an ongoing basis if deemed appropriate and cost optimal to you.